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Sumerian Chess®                                                                           $39.95

The creation of Sumerian Chess® has taken this classic game that has been played for the past  500 years.

Sumerian Chess® is played almost the same as the regular game of chess. Sumerian Chess® starts with one King and fifteen Warriors or Pawns that earn their rankings by defeating their opponents. What makes this game so exciting is the ability for a game piece to teleport or morph a promotional ring to another game piece on the board. This can change the dynamics of the game and how it’s played.

Harry Potter Adventure  (not available at this time)                                 $39.95

Taken direct form J. K. Rowling’s seven novels of Harry Potter, “The boy who lived.” Race around the board avoiding detention and the hospital, winning at quidditch. Do all this while collecting O.W.L.s, finding a Horcrux and destroying it or gathering the three Deathly Hallows.” Then landing on and entering one of four secret passages to win the game.

Hispaniola                                                                                     $39.95

Pirates and privateers from all over the world made Hispaniola their base of operation during its heyday. This exciting and adventurous game allows players to gather all the men, provisions and secrets necessary to set sail and capture pirate booty on the “seven seas.”

Sn-Ugly Mutts (out of stock — please inquire below)                            $29.95

There’s an old saying, “It has a face only a mother can love.” Knowing that, there is nothing more comforting than to rescued an animal from the “Pound.” Our Sn-UGLY Mutts are made for some lucky child (all ages included) to adopt and give unconditional love. These precious creations are made to teach this virtue.