2CUZINS4 Fun, Inc. is a partnership recently formed by two actual cousins from North Hollywood, California, Martin Mercy, and Karl Abrams. In their early teens, both Martin and Karl would postpone doing their homework to enjoy each other’s company while creating and playing games that were different and exciting. It was in their adult life that they collaborated to create a modern and more exciting game of chess they call Sumerian Chess. It incorporates the original game of chess but has more depth, making it more exciting and just a little more difficult than the original game of chess.

Martin created the Harry Potter Adventure Game in the winter of 2008 primarily to keep his grandchildren busy during their winter break from school. They enjoyed the game so much that they asked their friends to come over and play the adventure game with them. It was suggested that he should manufacture the game for everyone to enjoy. Without the funds to pursue it Martin reached out to larger companies like Hasbro and Goliath Games to buy the rights to produce this action-packed game. With the continued and rising success of the Harry Potter franchise and Universal Theme Parks expanding their Harry Potter interests, Martin still has high hopes that eventually they will see the value in producing this game.

Cousin Karl, with his keen interest in the Sumerian culture, was amazed to learn that the ancient Sumerians were the creators of one of the very first board game called similar to the game of checkers. As he came to find out, not much was discovered about how this game was actually played. Lost in his thoughts, Karl surmised that it could possibly have been played similarly to the game of chess. Keeping this in mind, along with other thoughts he had about the game of chess, he put together and created his version of a brand new game of chess. Many difficulties arose with concept and continuity of this game, and so he contacted his cousin Martin, now living in Chicago. The two spent many hours discussing the path of play, adding new ideas, and cleaning up the details and fine-tuning all aspects of this new modern game of chess. From his original interest in the Sumerian culture, Karl’s dreams have taken on a new life. And like the phoenix, rising from the ashes of the very first human culture.

Other items that are still in the works are the pirate game of Hispaniola and Sn-UGLY Mutts. Stay tuned for more imagination from these two cousins, Martin and Karl.